Saturday, April 25, 2015

Nepal- A Nation in Ruins with Massive Earthquake

25 April 2015

Nepal- A nation bleeds in ruins

As the earthquake struck Nepal
The death and devastation beyond imagination
3000 plus deaths and many more uncounted
Desperate search for survivors 

God’s fury as worst natural disaster
Information curtailed, communicated damaged
Rugged countryside still in survival mode
Series of aftershocks, damage everywhere

Stunned residents and stranded tourists
Waiting international disaster relief efforts
Survivors pulled out of the piled rubble
Nothing but debris where once homes stood

People seeking pieces of former lives
Search continues for people unfounded
Miracles expected amid the death and devastation
As uniformed officers dig though the rubles

Desperately trying to pull out people alive
Cheers of joy erupt when someone found alive
Rescuers hope go high and strengths inflated
Tears roar when debris bring out the dead

Soldier stands brave and brings out the corpse
The panorama of devastation turns world together
Houses and heritage sites-old and new- torn apart
Monasteries collapsed and people ran

Survivors run to find the open space
Fields, farms, compounds, empty roadsides
Lived since then on the roads fearing aftershocks
Slept in opening, shivering in the frigid air

Quaking Himalayan Mountains roar
Making the entire city go under darkness
Tragedies united people who survived
Abandoning buildings and broken roads

City’s centuries old building topped
Those once stood stalwart for generation
Providing a sense of National Pride
Aftershocks sending fear down the spines

People screaming and running to streets
Trauma hitting the residents again and again

Communal kitchens coming up for food
Everyone helping those around with cheer

Set off Fresh avalanches on Mount Everest
Humanity raises to the tragedy and challenges
Efforts that pour in from all sides in full swing
Complicating operations taken with full heart

Emergency responders flown to side of needy
Search continues to find signs of life in rubble
What makes us look ahead, is the hope for life
Rescue, reconstruction and rebuilding of Nation

Nepal for now, in deep pain and devastation!
May God be with all those who are in pain!
May hope come back to those who lost everything!
A day will soon dawn when Nepal will rise again


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