Monday, April 27, 2015

Silence for Definitive Soul Healing

27 April 2015


Silence- The most precious of virtues
Often the most difficult one too
For people who are born to blabber
The toughest part is to be silent

Silence is the most peaceful virtue
Heavens show that silence is divine
Where you find yourself in truth
It takes you to calmness and peace

Shuns your anger and life’s grease
Silence lets you think into you deep
It helps you reflect quietly in sleep
Silence is the not a sign of weakness

Often it is the strongest strength
When words often hurt people around
Silence makes them towards you to think
When tears and hard emotions rubble

The calmness of self-arises from silence
The longer you are silent, the stronger
Is your patience and tolerance in life!
The often expression of quietness 

Is a sign that you think before you do
Actions always should speak louder
Than the words that run around longer
Silence gives you the space to rejuvenate

It makes you stay with inner peace
Innate and intrinsic reflections of self
Silence the body and mind
For a definitive soul healing! 

Silence = Peace!

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