Friday, January 15, 2016

Day 15 - Every Day Inspirations - Spirit of Chennai City

Amidst the flow of water all around,
The sea of humanity surged into action.

As the floods raised above our heads,
Young minds and old gems joined together.

Volunteering is no more a business of few,
It became the blood line of Chennai.

Food, clothing, huts, books, everything
Washed away with the piled dirt of the land.

With that, washed away the negative thoughts
Of religion or caste, rich or poor, old or young.

Our only motto was to serve, was to arise
Again amidst the storms that lashed us.

Thousands lost their homes and livelihood,
Shelters opened up to rescue and revive.

Army, Police, City Corporation, Air force,
Hospitals, Temples & Mosques, Homes...
Everything was for everyone just to survive.

Despite the odds, people rushed to work;
We moved places to keep up the client delight.
What come may, Chennai stands tall!!

The spirit of Chennai is here to stay
For long, for all and for happily ever after!

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