Saturday, January 23, 2016

Day 23 - Every Day Inspirations -Gratitude

Gratitude.   This is one of the most powerful words in the world.  It makes a difference.  It drives you with compassion.  It makes you to be thankful to what you received in life.  It does wonders when used right. 

I would like to share a short story on gratitude.    I will go with my regular protagonist  Paru.

Paru was a young mother to a six month old infant baby, when her husband lost his job.  After endless attempts, her husband could not get a job which would feed her family.   Being a graduate herself, she was feeling not only helpless but also frustrated that she is not able to support the family.  

When she asked her mother in law for support to buy few essentials for her baby, her mother-in-law sharply asked her to sell her jewellery and get what she wants.  It was a blow on her face.  That's when she decided to take up a job herself.  Accepting the challenge to find opportunities in adversities is a woman's strength always.   

Sooner than later, things changed as she took up a job and she could afford basic necessities to her family by herself.  Instead of being annoyed by the rejection of her inlaws to help,  Paru felt thankful to her mother-in-law for having shown her a way to make her own life.  Had it not been for that gratitude, Paru would have remained a dejected woman in life with no way to move forward and would have been sitting at home, brooding over her destiny.

Gratitude happens from unknown corners of life.  We need to be thankful not only for our success but also for our failures.  For they are the best lessons.    We need to be always thankful to God, our parents, our teachers and all those people and circumstances that made us survive.  

Thank you is not just another magical word.  It is a feeling.  It is an essence of good living.  



Anonymous said...

You see I have been feeling down all morning. I was thinking about all my lost relationships and friendships and was wondering why am I not likable? Although a small part of me kept saying that I will someday be loved for who I am, I refused to listen to it and sat dejected as to why such bitter things keep happening to me again and again.
Then I read your post. I forgot to be grateful to all those people who left me because they teach me how one should not be in a relationship...
Thank you for reminding me!
Bless you.

Umasree said...

Dear Friend,

Wish you left me your name to address you. Anyway, I am extremely happy that I could help you with my post. God bless you too. Bad relationships are like rotten baggage of dirt, which we should stop carrying after certain stage to stop us from being feeling disappointed with life. However, the lesson is important so that we do not get into the same situation again, for that is what will let us stay in peace. Peace be with you dear. Keep reading