Monday, January 25, 2016

Day 25- Every Day Inspirations - Reactions! They define who you are!

Reactions!   As a person I was very fond of them.  I always believed that for every action, there was an immediate and opposite reaction.  yes, it was a science theory we all learnt.  But over the years, I realized that my reactions were increasing the number of people who dislike me.   Few disowned me as I did react in the way they did not expect me to react.   I could not pretend to react in a way they wanted me to.  Whose fault?  No one's.

People loved me for my immediate and apt reactions too.  I was admired for being opinionated on everything happening around.  My judgmental thinking and values expressed were also admired.  

At the same time,  my reactions were becoming hyper active and straightforward.   They were getting filled with anger, frustration, intolerance against atrocities, greed,  cheating and people who deceive their own families - kith and kin.

Intolerant reactions to people who did things unjustified triggered back on me.  I became a quick enemy for reasons that could have been defused, had I not reacted.   Being expressive and vocal with reactions fetch you disturbing circumstances.  I was not immune to this.   

People who did everything bad, without being expressive at all, became good people.   Whereas, opposing such acts with strong reactions make us look evil.   Intentions doesn't matter.  But reactions do.    In the end, we are the losers.   It leaves us with disappointments, frustration and anger.  

You have to react.  But you should know the limits.  Being over reactive shows your weaknesses to others.   You are no more a puzzle to others for your limitations are shown openly.   You end up as a failure.  

For example, a mother keeps on shouting on a child for disobeying and not doing her homework daily.   The child calmly ignores the abuse and gives a deaf ear to her mother.  The day mother changes her reaction and gives a stern look in silence, that is when the child started to feel something more aggressive.   That was when the child actually felt the mother's nonacceptance.   The child did everything to change.   Just because the mother's reactions changed.

Instead of asking others to change, how we react to circumstances if changed, will in the long run bring the results we seek.   Reactions of anger,  abuse, quarrel and struggle gives no room for positive energies.   The way we defuse and use our reactions define who we are !




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