Thursday, January 28, 2016

Day 28 - Every Day Inspirations - Bloggers and Book Launch - Chennai does it a style!

Right of Freedom of Expression
 Is my fundamental right as a citizen of India.   Yes, I love this right and I am also aware of the duties that come along with it.  It gives me immense pleasure and pride to write what I think....Out of box, inside my head,  pains of my heart, foolishness of my friend,  ranting over a relative, shopping, slipping on the staircase,eating in the what all possible under the sun and sky!    

We, as bloggers of Chennai and much more pride of being part of the 'The Chennai Bloggers Club'  rejoice in what we do.   Our own musings on our blogs, collective writing and editing, sharing thoughts and events, fun and concerns,  food and meets.   

Today, CBC is a big family of close to 300 bloggers from all walks of life.   We are a strong group of writers in the group that closely interact in a closed group in Facebook.   We tweet our thoughts.  We share our dreams and causes.   The bonding is not built over night.   But a steady and persistent flow of events brought us together.  

We are now a matured lot of writers, welcoming new one's into the old,  helping each other, motivating and inspiring like always.   Few of us have gone a step ahead as published authors adding feathers in the already shining cap of CBC.  

The recently held 2 events -  Bloggers meet sponsored by Stylori and the one we met at House #22 cafe for the book launch of fellow writer Shikha are classic examples of what brings us together.  The passion for writing.  The inner peace that comes with blogging.  Yes, we are not just writers.  We are thinkers.  

As a happy family of Chennai Bloggers Club, it is of immense pride and awareness when our authors like Kavipriya Moorthy or Shashi publish their books.   We have a strong social responsibility as writers.   It gives us a sense of satisfaction as well as courage to voice out of opinions and sensible thoughts.   

We love our fashion bloggers who bring in a class to what we can achieve.   Our food bloggers make it visually appealing to our taste buds....Our travel bloggers take us on the world virtual tours.   Motivational bloggers keep our every day dawn a pleasant one.  What else can you ask from a group of comrades with one strong bonding of blogging!    Love you CBC.  

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