Friday, February 5, 2016

Day 36 - Every Day Inspirations - Dare to Stand Alone

I dare to stand alone
Not because I am left alone
It is because I can face the world
with strong mind and face bold
As I grow calm and strong within
I race up on my life alone
For no one can match my run
The thoughts zooming in train
There is always peace
as I stand simply alone
For that is when I realize
what I am worth of 
I care not to know what other think
For I know what I am in life
There can be no tomorrow
Not a regret of a gone yesterday
I relish my day, the present day
In happiness as sun shines its rays
I love life the way I live
for in me, I find the peace
happiness is my own expression
that I cherish as I stand alone
Sometimes, it is just right
to stay strong and stand alone
that's when you will find 
yourself, in a new 'Me'

1 comment:

iK Way said...

Thanks for a good lines of poem. There was this Aha moment when you finish with the sureity of reflections of on looker and self. Keep up the good work.