Sunday, February 14, 2016

Day 45- Every Day Inspirations - Love letter that was never sent!

Hello Dear,

Year after year, I awaited your call.   Closing my eyes and lying on the couch, thinking about you endlessly every night,  tears welled in my eyes, as I try to catch up my sleep.   Where did you go?  Why did you leave me and go?   Why me?.    The questions ripped me apart time and again.   Recollections went all sides and wild, thinking what did I do to lose you so.   I am sure you are somewhere, deep in my heart I do believe that you are still thinking about me too.  Yet, the pain of being away from you is too much to bear.
That last meeting at the town's railway station, as I stood on the foot-board of the slow moving train,  watching you wave me a silent good bye.   I saw the tears in your eyes.   I did not know how to decode your silent thoughts.   Your silence is deafening me even today.   Why did you fail to express what you had in your heart?  Where did the courage of a young man disappear to confess your love?   We both knew what it meant to be in love.  Then why did we fear this world?

Wish you pulled me from the train and whispered your love in my ears.   Wish at least you ran behind and caught the train to reach me and hug me with your love.  Yet, you did nothing then.  You are doing nothing now. Not knowing where you are makes me long for you even more.   Wish an angel comes to tell me how you are!   I will run to you like a little pup following its master.   

'Love'.   Just love.  It is a beautiful word,  makes the world beautiful place to live.   Love makes you feel warm and cared.  I imagined life's finest things with you in life.  Holding hands and walking in the rain,  sitting together on a hammock and silently enjoying the slow swing in the breeze of a beach,   packing our bags and infinite love as we take on the simpler trek,  sitting idle and doing nothing but staring at each other.   It is hard to believe that all this is only a dream.    

Wish a miracle star reaches you with whispers of my love, on this valentine day...and brings you back to my life.   My doors of heart and home are ever open for your love.   Where is life without you?

With Love, I remain

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Aishwarya Swaminathan said...

Wish a miracle star reaches you soon- amazing this is!! A simple, neat and sweet letter Uma :) :)

Subha said...

Nice one Uma !!