Thursday, February 18, 2016

Day 49 - Every Day Inspirations - #LifeWithoutYou

Life without you!

My Dad and I -  A Father's Love is Forever!
As I walk along the beach
Holding my bag slinging on my side
I wish you could just come
And hold my hand to walk along

Sitting in the sand,
Watching the waves
Trying to go and pick a shell
Wishing everything was just well

There is love, love in abundance
In my heart, in my soul for you
I laugh to myself recalling your wit
And giggle over your lovely treats

As you touch my head to bless
I hug you in your warmth no less
You are the first man in my life
A friend, a guide, a great dad!

Teaching me traits to bigger dreams
Guiding me in my own chosen paths
Inspiring all along with your love
Keeping the home sweet and peace

Life without you, was unimaginable!
But as we had to deal with your loss
I had no lack of your love
For I always felt your presence!

A divine light guiding me through
Letting me feel life always with you!

#Life without you!

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