Thursday, February 25, 2016

Hassle Free Dental Experience - Just at Apollo White Dental Clinic

I am not a person who loves to be sitting on a dentist's chair and showing my big bunny teeth with glee.   Ofcourse I had my own moments of anxiety and paranoid times when I was forced to be on a dental appointment.  So when the Influencer network approached me to be visiting Apollo White Dental, my fears were the same.   However, the blogger in me was restless.  I wanted to pay the visit and see for my ownself about the big emerging banner in dental care.

It was a seamless appointment process and I fixed up to visit them on a Saturday morning, the first leisure time I could grab for myself.   The registration process was equally satisfying and a friendly young lady took me through the initial details capture and put me on to the dentist in the Velachery clinic.    The young doctor looked all smiling...keeping up to the name of the dental care.   He explained to me various things that need to be fixed after the initial examination and very calmly answered my questions...including those that would have sounded silly or stupid.   

As it was a weekend, the clinic was getting more and more patients and by 11 am, the clinic was getting over crowded.  Doctors and attendants were trying their best to meet all the requirements of those visiting.   The x-ray unit was highly sophisticated with the latest equipment and had the ability to capture multi-dimensional images. 

It was different from the usual dentist experiences.  The place looked cosy, relaxing and welcoming.   The people were polite, friendly and responsive.   The technical support system was not only sophisticated but also had the latest equipments and machinery needed to handle painless dental care. 

For those who fear a dentist like me, should plan a visit to Apollo Dental Clinic for their next dentist visit to wade away those fears.    As I did not plan to stay for the whole day to complete all procedures, I had to tell them that I will visit them again for getting the scaling done and also fix my chipped teeth post a long gone accident.

There was no chaos, but peace on this visit to the dentist.    Glad I did, as first step to shred those inhibitions of visiting a dental care center. 

Apollo White Dental Clinic stands for the name of Apollo in healthcare industry that stands for its quality, customer care,  ensuring proper care and good facilities.   One thing that I need to add is, it does come for a slightly higher price than your local dentist.   But it is worth those extra Rupees.  

Botton Line:    Visit Apollo White Dental for a beautiful dental care experience!   

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