Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Introduction to Agile Principles and Human Values

Agile Challenges-  Does anyone have a pencil?   

Principals of Agile
  • measure the process
  • thinking
  • practiced
  • borrowing brilliance
  • learn and watch
  • focused on outcome
  • listen and discuss
  • agreement on the process
  • self directed
  • self adjusted
  • Teams wisdom to do the things together
  • wisdom of crowd to get best solutions
  • show leadership by anyone in agile
  • leadership can be a first follower
  • all forms of leadership-  shared leadership
  • observed
  • between the iterations, evaluated results
  • How can I get better?
  • Iterated
  • ideas bounce in the group and innovation happens
  • having fun at work as well

Human values showed to each other
1. Respect
2. Trust
3. Courage - mother of all values
4. challenge processes and procedures
5. evaluate what helps or stops in getting better?
6. Openness and transparency

Agile - set of human values, practice at home and same values practiced at work

Agile Principles and Human values make Agile possible

Set of practices- behavior changes -  live the values- that becomes a habit and culture

Keep practices makes possible innovations
Create a great place to work and great culture


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