Monday, April 3, 2017

#AtoZChallenge: Inspiring Indian Women: C for Chandrakala Siddharth #Unsung Heroes

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C for Chandrakala Siddharth 

Why is Chandrakala an inspiration and an unsung hero?  What makes a silent homemaker a super woman in her own right?   

Lot has been said and done about Chandrakala's husband Siddharth Jayakumar,  who is a banker,  suffering from Cerebral Palsy, but never hindered his achievements,  HelenKeller Award Winner, a super hero and a motivational speaker, Trustee of India Inclusion Summit, Board Member of Vidya Sagar, Spastic Society of India and been part of many more laurels to his credit.   However not many would know about his better angel and a wonderful wife and great mother. 

Chandrakala  studied in Sri Rakum School of Blind, Indiranagar Bangalore due to the economic conditions of her family for 11 years.   Later on she went on to become a Director for the school managing hostel.   With her limitations, she was able to complete B.Ed and MA Sociology and prove herself that nothing is an hindrance if you have the right passion and spirit to succeed.  

Chandrakala after seeing the video of Siddharth agreed to marry him immediately.  She was inspired by his will to survive and vision to make it big.   In these days when marriages are more about looks, money and status, Chandrakala's only motive was to serve Siddharth for lifetime.   From the service and seva day work she did at Sri Rakum School of Blind her services moved on to join the mission of her husband who is 70% disabled to make him comfortable and tackle his movement towards positively abled people to be included in the mainstream society.   Chandrakala manages her home and Siddharth so well that you will be amazed at her patience, affection and love, care and honestly and above all will be bowled over by her hospitality when you are at her home.  She ensures that you are well taken care of and comfortable to the core.  

It takes lot of courage and wisdom to do what she has been doing.  Joining the vision and long term goal of a very talented and highly superactive crusader like Siddharth.   She is one of the finesh unsung heroes and a great inspiration to women of today, who  take hasty decisions and jump into divorces,  marital discords and prone to ego issues.   Here is a woman, who is making the best of both worlds.    Her goal is to become a natural therapist and serve more human  beings.   Talking to her will make you feel not only inspired but also highly motivated

Kudos to you Chandrakala and wishing you and your son Aarav and family a great life ahead.

She has been recently awarded on the Women's Day by Inner Wheel Clubs of District 323. 


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