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#AtoZChallenge: Inspiring Indian Women: D for Divya S Sarthy Born2Win - Transgender Social Worker

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D for Divya S Sarathy of Born2Win

What makes Divya S Sarathy an inspiration and special to mention?

Divya Sarathy is the chief operations officer of the Born2Win Social welfare trust.    A post graduate in Social Work from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, she specialized in Women Centered Social Work. Works with Trans* identified individuals in their journeys towards empowerment.  She is a Arts Based Therapy practitioner.   She was also part of the workshop conducted at  'The Cancer Research and Relief Trust and Tamil Nadu Laryngectomees Club'.   

Born2Win Social Welfare Trust is a Transgender person led organization established in Chennai in 2013. It works towards the empowerment of members of the Transgender community in Tamil Nadu through creating positive role models from within the community. Additionally B2W works towards facilitating education and employment opportunities for Trans* identified persons.  Swetha Sudhakar is the Founder-Director of this welfare trust.  

Divya is engaged in advocacy of transgender rights and reforms as a social worker,  campaigning for equality, direct service to transgenders for employ-ability,  and acts as an Intermediary and Support.  Calendar featuring transgenders have been released even this year.  The proceeds from the sales is used to provide scholarships to trans persons  who are pursuing education or vocational training.  B2W's mission is based on3Es - Education, Employment and Empowerment. B2W strives to bring about the Empowerment of all Transgender identified individuals through Education& Employment in an Environmentally sustainable manner.

Divya was awarded the Women Achievers Award on Women's Day 2017 by Inner Wheel Clubs of District 323.  

#16/1A, Ground Floor, Venkateswara Apartments
Tank Square Street, Saidapet
Chennai,  Tamil Nadu,

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