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#AtoZChallenge : Inspiring Indian Women - E for Elizabeth Christina

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E for Elizabeth Christina

Why Elizabeth is an inspiration and what makes her special?

Rita Elizabeth Christina, Program Director, Little Hearts 

She started her journey in caring the special children from 1996. Initially she couldn't do much, because she had completed only technical education. So she joined diploma in special education at the age of 40, continued to do  B.Ed  in Special Education. 

Presently, she is doing M.A. In Sociology.   Since from the origin of little hearts, she is the back bone of the organization

Recently she was awarded the Women Achievers Award on 8 March 2017 by Inner Wheel Clubs of District 323

Harsh, but true. What is more harsh is the uncaring, indifferent attitude subjected to the mentally challenged. Being differently-abled, does not in any way make them disabled. All they need is a hand that helps, and a heart that cares. 

In your busy world, if you stop to make a difference, it would make a world of difference in their lives….  

Our efforts stem from an urgent need – to render a kind rehabilitation service to the mentally challenged who are neglected from the community & institutions, and the society at large. This is the driving force behind all that we do, in whatever little way we can.
Core Activities of the Special School
  • Educating / Training the mentally challenged
  • Behaviour Modification
  • Training in daily living skills
  • Recreational activities
  • Physio / Occupational Therapy Services
  • Regular Medical Check-up and Follow-up care
  • Vocational Training
    • Cover making
    • Screen Printing
    • Making Cement Blocks
Supplementary Activities of the Special School
 I. Community-Based Rehabilitation Programmes
  • Awareness Programme
  • Low-cost materials
  • Day Care Centre
  • Educational Support
  • Free Appliances
  • Self Employment Support Scheme
  • N.G.O. Network
II. Child Health Club
(For school drop-outs and rag pickers at Sholinganallur slum)
  • Parents’ counselling
  • Self Help Groups for Parents
  • Free Medical Camps
  • Career Guidance
  • Day Care Center
  • Tuition Center
Special Features
  • Residential Care
  • Healthy Environment
  • Nutritious Vegetarian Food
  • Expansive Building Structure
  • Specially qualified Teachers & Caretakers
The mentally challenged and sick children at the Little Hearts orphanage in India have no home or family and many of them don’t even have a bed to lay their heads on at night.

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