Thursday, April 6, 2017

#AtoZChallenge: Inspiring Indian Women: F for Fathima Nasira

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Growing Through Life........
Days roll into months flowing into years
Life drains drip drop seeking sustenance
And then this urge to write trickles in
This idea that takes root needs to be told
The poetic deluge soaks into every soul
Like rain and dew on earth cracked dry
Words tumble out like chicks from shells
flutter about like crisp wispy snowflakes
Often vanish even before touching ground
As dreams fade in the realm of reality
One more day yawns in monotonous glory 
And with a sigh I turn to the daily grind

This is what makes Fathima Nasira inspiring! 

What beautiful lines, that come out naturally from a equally beautiful woman Fathima Nasira.  Fathima and I got introduced to each other through Inner Wheel.   She has been amazingly talented and highly potential poet.   Each of her emotions find beautiful words  and they wind together to make you fall in love with her lines of wisdom and poetic flow.   She has been a great inspiration unknowingly to many of us with her poems and thoughts.   She probably would not have even guessed that she has been inspiring us to the extent that she is actually been doing.  

Having hailing from an community that actually do not give much of freedom to women folk,  Fathima has been taking life in her style and class.   As you follow her, you will realize that she can create beautiful verses at any kind of emotions.   That is what makes a poet worth a mention.   Having been a small time poet myself, I found her language very high and her words very deep and lines very very thoughtful.....

She works as a Manager at Oriflame Cosmetics and has been graduated from University of Madras with Masters degree in Commerce.   She is also a private tutor for English to Koreans.  She has also graduated in Mathematics from Avinashilingam University and is happily married to Mr. Rafi Mohamed.  

One more Gem from Fathima Nasira:

I found mine Did You?
The ways of Almighty are unfathomable
Baffling with an uncanny sense of humour
He buries our grants as gems deep unknown
Stands back n watches; A Silent Spectator
Leaves us to our own devices to unearth our gifts
Though not one of us lacks or is denied His bounty
All of us must explore our souls to spot it
When all plans fall short, nothing works out
Delve within to discover what is embedded in u
That elusive gift alone can energize, empower u
Help u win the battle on the verge of being lost
Never surrender to the lethargy of inaction n laze
Keep sifting sand till u stumble upon your ingenuity
For one, happiness or ecstasy overload
May serve as trigger to set off the search
For another utter despondency or loss
Could be a catalyst to stir up reaction
For many end of the road n challenge
Pushes over the cliff to take flight n excel
However u detect it whatever sparks n ignites
All of us are proficient in one sphere
Concealed n neglected in the folds of daily grind
Do not miss ur treasure trove of goodies!
U owe it to yourself to unwrap your presents

Glad we have inspiring women around us like Fathima who silently influence us in our thoughts and deeds.   She has been an amazing poet and writer and wishing her many more successes all through her life.

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