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#AtoZChallenge: Inspiring Indian women : I for Ispita Dasgupta

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What makes Ispita Dasgupta inspiring?   Is it her role as President, Strategy and Incubation at Star India or her prior COO Experience at GE

It is not just her Harvard degree or extensive work experience or the making of best of both worlds being a mother and a wonderful woman, what makes this super woman more inspiring is her strength to manage all her worlds together and make it successful life.  

An avid reader, Dasgupta used to read 45-50 books a year. But after motherhood, things have changed. Dasgupta says it is the three women (or girls) in her life that drive her - her mother and daughters. "My daughters inspire me. Even knowing their importance, there are days I'm a better business leader than a mother and the conflict is real. But I keep my resolve because I have daughters - they should believe they can be anyone they want to and that the privilege of motherhood should not hinder that in any way."

Born in India, she travelled the world growing up and earned her first degree, a double major in maths and economics, at Columbia University. In her early 20s, she completed the MBA at Harvard Business School and rose to senior strategy roles at IBM and then Cisco Systems, before joining GE in 2011.    As CCO, Ipsita takes the lead on marketing and strategy across India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. She is responsible for analysing GE’s market share in different sectors, and the changing needs of clients, and for identifying which businesses to focus on for growth. She is also responsible for the Bangladesh revenues and the largest key accounts in the region.

Reflecting on her own MBA experience at Harvard Business School, Ipsita says that the most valuable skill she learned was the ability to develop a credible and informed point of view on any project or idea.

“In a big company people sometimes go through the motions without developing a point of view.”
At business school other students push you and you learn to maintain your poise and to push back, and to change your position in light of new information.

“Business school graduates can handle very stressful situations,” said Ipsita, “And come to incredible outcomes.”


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