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#AtoZChallenge: Inspiring Indian Women : X for Xavier Vimala Britto - Educationist and a Business Woman

Mrs. Vimala Xavier Britto, the leading educationalist is the co-founder and correspondent of St. Britto’s Group of Schools, the Director of Indev Logistics, Managing Director of Esthell Continental Hotels & Resorts and Director of Uniworld Logistics Pvt. Ltd. Her excellent administrative skills, long term vision towards society, a lady with positive thoughts, thought provoking speech are the inspirations to the young generations.

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            She has rich experience in the field of educational counseling and interviewed with public through Jaya TV and has knowledge in Career Guidance. She offers personalized counseling to students in making judicious selection suitable to their personal aptitudes in career opportunities and controls their emotional and psychological feelings.

With her administrative ability, she has been the main guiding force of the school. Under her support, encouragement and motivation the teachers and staff are growing in efficiency and professionalism to make the difference expected. The wide global exposure and experience of Mrs. Britto is a great asset to the school in its ambition to be unique, different and innovative.

She is the enlightened source, who leads with the single – minded dedication towards goals, with a deep-rooted commitment to education.

Mrs. Vimala Britto believes in providing her children with the cutting–edge in technology along with the strong foundation in life skills. Over the years, she has effortlessly played different roles in the form of a guide, parent, friend and mentor as per the needs of her learners and faculty. She has successfully introduced and implemented radical innovations with her comprehensive know – how technology and education. She believes child is God’s gift and needs to be nurtured in an atmosphere of discovery, enquiry, learning, expression and communication.

Mrs. Vimala Britto, co-founder of St.Britto’s Group of Institutions and founder of Seek Foundation, an NGO for the underprivileged said women empowerment and child development are the two main tasks her NGO, Seek, aims to serve. She has started to provide people in 15 villages near Chennai with good and healthy life.

The founder of “Seek Foundation” Mrs. Vimala Brittothe Principal of St. Britto’s College, Dr. Thamas Ponrajand the General Manager of Indian Futsal Premier, Mr. Dinesh Raj called on Director General Charles Li on 8th Jan 2017 to discuss Taiwan New South Bond Policy regarding talent exchange cooperation

 Mrs.Vimala Britto represented her group to sign MOUs with Taiwan’s Changhua Christian Hospital and Da Yeh University in late January. Apart from medical care and education, she also hopes to find talents in Taiwan to take part in India’s 2017 Premier Futsal, a version of five-a-side football.

My Personal Take

I had the opportunity to meet and interact with her as my daughter studied in St. Britto’s Academy for 5 years of her schooling.   Vimala Britto was not only highly active, multi-talents and role model to her students, she was also gentle and approachable to parents.  She developed the school to high standards giving overall importance along with academics to develop children to be more creative, interactive and proactive.   She is definitely an inspiration on how a woman can manage multiple roles of being a mother, educationist, business woman, a theater enthusiast and film bluff  along with maintaining her own style and decorum.  


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