Monday, September 29, 2008

360 Degree of the Spinning Economy

Life is a vicious circle. So is the Economy. This is the first lesson what we learnt in the economics class. But when it is actually happening, we sound as if we are caught unaware. Would like to share with you an interesting story of the little ants- a lesson in the seventh standard Telugu text books of Andhra Pradesh State Board syllabus.
The Ant Story:
The Ant is supposed to be found mostly in Asia, Africa and very recently in America as well. The Ant is said to be a very tiny insect, few type of ants are harmful where as most of them are harmless and ants are said to be very hardworking little creatures.
Attitude of the little ants: Ants are excellent team players. They don't venture on anything alone and the teams are strong, supportive, cooperative and mind spinning, carrying weights together which are multiple times more than its own. The ants work very hard, sometimes almost working themselves to death, during the summer in the hot sun, during spring when others keep enjoying life (like our grasshoppers in the old stories we heard), and keeping struggling to build safe and comfortable home for it and the family for the coming winter! ( Cold and brutal reality). Storing food and provisions for the upcoming rainy days and cold winters.
While the ants were working hard for the rainy day, our friends grasshoppers make mockery of the ants for not enjoying the spring, spending time for fun, dance, sing and spend the so called LIFE in a meaningful way. The grasshoppers think that ants are fools not knowing to lead life the summer way. Finally, the winter dawns in, and our friend ant is safe and warm, protected by its hard earned shelter and food, where as our grasshopper blames the lords of the jungle that they are not taken care. The Lords are safe in the caves and not sure of what our grasshoppers want in life. So they get ignored and destined to accept reality, having no food or shelter and left to die.
Moral of the story: Repetitive adage: Make hay while sun shines.
Thousands of people today are stuck with unexpected turns and twists in the economy, especially the 11% of population who are dependent on nothing other than software industry and capital markets. They are used to 5 figure salaries, lavish living, and no bigger savings. Lot many are entangled in the monthly EMI's that don't know how devilish it could be if not paid for few months. Speculated savings and money that's stuck in mutual funds and share trading is all at the mercy of the economy's vicious circle. Our breather en don't know what is it to live within the means and credit cards now would take its ghostly heads up. Parents will be heard telling that they warned them already. Companies in the verge of saving their own financial stands do not have much to hear to the employee woes and there is no one to really save the segment of grasshoppers. Ants are safe and can handle themselves till the next summer. So what are you, Ant or Grasshopper?? If not an ant yet, try being one sooner!!!

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