Sunday, September 28, 2008

Moral Policing - Need to create fear or clean up the society?

In continuation to what I earlier wrote on Moral Policing, I felt there is need to look into the other side of the coin as well. As long as you go as a couple, such instances do not impact you much, but when you go with the kids, it becomes tough explaining whats happening around. Be it the beaches, or the shopping complexes parking lots, cinema theatres, deserted streets, libraries, Gandhi mandapam, and finally the school complexes and corporate conference halls or silent rooms are not spared these days. All these places are misused by people who indulge in unnecessary actions. What has to be confined to the homes, or the private places of people, is now available for everyone to see in all these places. One side the more of moral policing, the other side, its more of irresponsible behaviour of the people that is causing a concern. The worst was when the closed cars found near the school compound walls that traumatised the parents at few instances. We are not trying to be orthodox or conservative after having seen various cultures and countries that are more open to such behaviour. But what matters is to upkeep at least few things for which we are responsible for, our culture and heritage. At least people need to be cautious not to set wrong examples to our future generations. Enjoy your private lives as long as it do not disturb the very fabric of our society. Do not end up in embarrassment for you, your family and friends and to people around you. Maintain certain amount of care and caution, and responsibility towards our society.

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