Saturday, September 27, 2008

Is it Moral Policing or Money Policing? Whats up Chennai?

I looked at the people in the car next to me in the T Nagar parking lot, trying to explain to the policeman with real eagerness. After completing my shopping and settling down the things in the car, and was about to start when I noticed the girl and guy in the next car trying hard to explain something. I was there all the while watching them enter the car, and the couple started some argument and were yelling at each other, suddenly the guy pulled her close and was trying to console may be. Within 2 mins, someone knocked on the window pane of their car and this guy got down. The guys who made the couple get down were not in uniform but from their body language have understood that they are so called MORAL POLICEMEN. For a moment, I was stunned at what was unfolding in front of me. Today it happened to them, tomorrow it may happen to us. So was the curiosity. The police man sat in the driver' seat and was talking something to the girl. I understood that probably they are not husband and wife, may be getting married, lovers, or even good friends. Then, the police guy took the keys and was waiting outside when the man rushed to the nearby ATM. He came back and pushed something into the hands of the police guy and I heard the girl shouting that they don't need to pay anything for they were not wrong. But no listeners. Perhaps the guy did not want to mess up anything for the sake of the girl's reputation and he just gave the money the police guy demanded and drove off.
Common guys, what are we doing? People's reputation is being exploited. Real culprits who use women like play toys in the star hotels go unnoticed. And normal man in the name of moral policing is being attacked. If he was a genuine policeman who wanted to keep up the so called Morals of the society, why did he not take them for a proper investigation? Perhaps the man was worried about the further harassment that is possible. Ridiculous- What rang in my ears again was JPR's speech that I heard years ago- boy boy talk ok, girl girl talk ok, Boy Girl Talk NOOOOOO! !!! ...

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