Friday, September 26, 2008

Bosses who make a difference!

In continuation to my post on the appraisal reviews, I thought its time to remember the people who make the difference. Though I may be too young to write a lifetime review of the kind of bosses we come across, I can say tell about three different people who made similar kind of impact not just on me but for the entire teams those reported to them. Any best boss in the world would surely fall under one of three categories of the people I am going to tell about!
Amitava Ghosh, Ramesh Raja and Shankar Narayanan, three people who needs a definite mention.
Amit worked in RPG Cellular as VP-Customer Service before he joined as Head-CS in Manmar Technologies, Ramesh donned various hats and moved from Grindlays to ABN as VP- Infrastructure and Custom Engg, where as Shankar, moved from HCL to HP as a Project Manager.

Unique about each of them:
  • Amit is very planned, straight forward, punctual and brief in his approach. He taught me to maintain a professional dairy and mark C, T, D (complete, transfer, defer) against every activity planned for the day. A strong trainer, man of detail and a very composed and down to earth human being.
  • Ramesh is senior most, believes in delegation, giving right responsibilities, authority and keeps a close watch on the team. He always believes in the strength of his team and takes good decisions. Irrespective of what level you are, you can be sure to raise to the top if you are the right person, and he is the one who believed in my potential and mentored me to climb high.
  • Shankar, don't know if he was born first or his patience. He is classic example of a leader reminding me of Vikram Sarabai about whom Dr Kalam mentions in his Ignited Minds. Organised, composed, very hardworking and an right role model to his team. When it comes to taking bullets, he stands in front of his team, and while lifting the trophies, he stands behind them.

Speciality of these three men:

Amit loves taking classes, Ramesh is ardent about photography, amateur ham radio and world travel where as Shankar enjoying being a young at thoughts and as cool as cucumber. All three men are very close to their families, enjoy talking about their children and loves movies and fun.

Common Success Factors as Successful Bosses:

All three believed in Planning, Organising, Delegation & Mentoring. They maintain their calmness in the most difficult business situations. Take decisions after doing thorough analysis and risk assessment. They never let their emotions take a front seat while handling professional responsibilities. They respected their teams, believed in each one's potential, gave opportunities for right people to grow, appreciated the hardworking people, and always reflected the strength of the teams they managed. They belong to the breed of managers who can handle complex business challenges at the same time manage large groups of people with care and compassion. Simple souls with a big smile in the most tensed situations as well!!! May be that is their confidence that they can manage anything and everything!!!

Good luck Amit, Ramesh and Shankar, and do believe and wish lot many amateurs like me grow under your abled leadership and wonderful guidance!

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