Friday, September 26, 2008

Taking our own people for granted

It was one usual Wednesday morning in summer, I was getting ready to office, had so much of work to do, getting my kid ready to school, finish my kitchen, clean up the place, pack food for the family, take a quick glance at the morning daily, and let the domestic help complete her chores before I board my cab at 7.30 am to office in Ennore which is almost 50 miles away from my home.
As usual my mobile rang, and I know who it would be and was so irritated that I would let it go ringing. Suddenly, my intuition said to me to pick the call. Having the cutlery in one hand, and giving a kick to my little one to get up soon, I rushed to attend the call. It was not from the usual friend who calls me every morning to wish me "Happy Morning" but a stern phone call giving me a sad news. That my old friend who used to call me for so many years every morning just to hear my voice and wish me a good morning is no more. That my friend got succumbed to an hemorrhage he suffered the day before. I was speechless. I dropped the dish in the hand and stood frozen.
Every morning, this friend of mine used to call me to hear my voice and he felt it sentimentally good for him if I answered him back. At times when I was really busy or just was not in a mood to answer calls, I used to tell my husband or kid to pick that call and answer back. Later in the day, he used to call me again and find out if all is fine with me, if my health is OK, or if there is something that is bothering me that I did not pick his call in the morning. Sometimes I used to get so irritated that why should it be a botheration for a person of my dad's age to find out whats happening to me on a daily basis. Huh,, I could not take it, for why should someone be following my life so closely. But after that incident, every time my phone rang, I cried that it should be him. Every morning I used to look at the mobile with an urge that it should ring, and my friend should ask me how am I doing?
Later did I realized that this grand old man saw his only daughter living abroad in me, loved me unconditionally and always wanted to see me doing good and grow in life. He regarded my intelligence amidst his friends, spoke so high about me, fought for my rights in my own family, and went around the city saying that I am his adopted daughter. He used to bring me sweets and anything that is made special at home while I was staying in a hostel. He cracked silly jokes and shared news of the people in Chennai. He used to giggle telling me and my friends funny things and few interesting topics of the rich and elite. Tears ran without me trying to control myself when his wife asked me to sit with his mourning children just before his funeral. She said that he will not rest in peace unless he sees me. That day I felt that may be I am not destined to enjoy a relationship called Dad in life, for I have lost my own when I was a child and lost this grand old man as a young woman at times when he was showing me so much of affection. I know now for sure that his soul is guiding me too.....
I learnt a lesson that day that I should not take my own people or people who wanna be with you for granted. Sometimes we realize their value only after we lost them. So please take care of your loved ones before its too late! Do give little time back to your family and friends and let them feel that you care for them. Do not cut the calls from your own people saying that you are too busy. If you are, atleast make it a point to revert to them later. Please do not forget important dates of your friends and family for you may not like the idea if they forget yours!.

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