Monday, September 22, 2008

Stones Sing songs under his magic spell- Dr K Subba Reddy - Pallava Granites

One person who made a success story which started from stones. Today he is the leading industrialist who accelerates the Indian economy with his share of contribution by making wonders with the stones he dwell with. Minerals make magic and stones sings success songs under his magic spell. I believe in late 1970's people used to make fun of this legend saying that he is a lunatic searching his life in stone. The very people now are spellbound with the success he is showing in his business across the globe.
Dr. K.Subba Reddy, popular called as KSR amidst his closest circle of business fraternity is a person who made wonders with his hard work, determination and relentless efforts to bring in a granite story to the world. Indian granite exports marked a all time high under his leadership and this ardent exporter is also a world class leader winning the Mine safety awards, CAPEXIL Merit awards, and best export house certificate from the Government of India.
None can even imagine that there is a biggest export market to cater to the emotional needs of the world around by providing granites to the tombstones across the globe. This market is highly captured and lot many such innovative export areas had been discovered and patented by this leader in the industry.
Dr. Reddy is a simple and straightforward personality who inspires young Indians and make a remarkable influence on the young minds who interact with him with his wit and humour and at the same time providing food for thought. His simple message is that we all should dream big, aspire and put in our hard work towards our goals. No achievement is impossible as long as we conceptualise and visualise what we aim in life and work towards it. Quality, Innovation and safety of the products are of prime importance in any business and this great stalwart leader proved that his business will hold its highest regard for these aspects that make them unique in the global markets.

To me, knowing him is a blessing and having had the opportunity to interact with him had given me enough inspiration to think big, dream big and aim big. Thank you Sir!. May god bless you with lot more success and good health to keep inspiring amateurs like me!! May your journey of success be an inspiration to the world around!

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