Monday, September 22, 2008


Terror, Terror, Terror everywhere! God, city after city in my country is bleeding!. Cant imagine the pain and anxiety that is gripping the people who are effected directly and indirectly. It is causing a trauma that is beyond description. Children, women and men are all attacked. Do not know if my land is secure and safe to go around. Not sure if the next thrash bin near me do not have an explosive ready to take lives around. Not able to think that I am safe in my own country, amidst my own men and amidst broad day light. What is happening to my country that after years and years of fighting against the invaders of all kinds, was celebrating its freedom and democracy. The very fabric of my Nation is aimed for disturbance by cowardly act of few terror agencies. Why my Nation, why my people, why innocent civilians are targeted.

If the objective of such attacks are to create confusion in the minds of people, bring in a panic across the nation, prove that a certain faith is more appropriate than others, create a war against the democracy and harmony of the Nation, let me say it Loud with my fellow Indians, their objective can never be achieved. Temporary disturbance and panic may be created, but cannot create a mindset of insecurity in my mother land which has a strong history of tolerance, acceptance and harmony amongst the various languages, religions, castes, creeds, communities,and faiths that bind my country.
Proof of concept and achievement do not lie in the hands of dirty terrorism that get paid in huge amounts for creating a sense of insecurity in any Nation. How many people can the terrorism strike in this country? We have mothers who send valiant sons to the battlefield despite losing their husband and other children. India is a Nation that has a unexpressed love of its citizens and a dedication to the mother land by its people. When time comes, world will see a sea of humanity flowing in the battlefields to protect Mother India. But when the very battle begins within and amidst the society without any indication, it is a shame for the people who does that in the name of Brave fight having very narrow objectives. If the terrorists have real guts, come in front of us and fight with us a brave battle. I would be the first one to die for the Nation. Inspector Mohan chand proved that by laying his live for the security of our country. His death is only a beginning for lot many fellow Indians who are ready to fight terrorism in the toughest battle. We do not want any more blood shed. It is unfortunate to note that these so called terrorists are still moving around in the general public holding highest educational degrees and are also accomplished engineers. Why is the intellectual property of my country put into wrong use? Against our own people? What is causing this havoc when we see information that a 10 year old boy is involved in the bomb making....Are our mothers sleeping? Are our fathers not knowing whats happening in the upbringing of their children. A 16 year old boy was killed in the Delhi encounter this week! Mother India is bleeding and we need to stop this. Wake up India, to the reality around us. Find out the insecurity of these children who are turning as terrorists. Stop the propaganda in the name of faith. No religion or no religious scriptures preach and provoke terrorism. No Religion describes that faith can be accomplished by killing fellow citizens. No religious truth had ever been proved to gain faith and win over the hearts of millions by provoking terrorism, practising hatred and preaching killing of innocent lives. Every life is precious according to Bible, Quran or Bhagavat Gita. If you are a follower of any religion in the world, it only preaches you to maintain harmony, brotherhood and help your fellow beings from human sufferings. Anything else is a outcome of wicked minds and that need to be eradicated.
India is a land of peace, non-violence, tolerance and reckoned for its democratic, socialistic, secular fabrics that build this Nation. Let us proclaim to uproot the very threads of terrorism from our country and proclaim that it is the safest Nation to live in. Jai Hind!

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