Friday, October 3, 2008

NO SMOKING- Bold Decision- Tough Implementation Mr. Anbumani, Hats off to you!!!!

As we stopped at a gas station today to fuel the car, I found an interesting thing on the Price Board - along with Petrol, Diesel prices, one interesting thing caught my attention- the prices of Cigars! Michigan, USA, may be open for Smoking. But back home in India, another reason to celebrate Gandhi Jayanthi, when a total ban on smoking in public places got into effect with Mr. Anbumani Ramadoss, the Indian health minister voted for his bold decision. Only wish that this does not become just a rule, which again can be broken with no qualms. I still remember the day, when Helmet wearing was made compulsory in Chennai, even for pillion riders. On way to office, we were laughing at the way people were looking funny and lot of them struggling to drive with new helmets on!!!. Third day, all was back to normal. Slowly pillions riders were spared and though its still mandatory for bike riders to wear helmets, not 100% do so still. Same way, not sure, how far Mr Ramadoss would be able to bring in this change in the people across India.
Am sure, chain smokers, ITC, tobacco traders, petty shops and lot many doctors would also not welcome this decision. But to thousands of housewives and people who were hating smoking all this while, have a solid reason to smile at, atleast for few days from now!!. I can sense a rejection to this decision happening in my family and amogst friends as well...not few would be happy, especially the patroned husbands who loved smoking outside not to taste the wrath of their wives at home. Now that is gone!!!. Where come the poor smokers go???? Only wish they realise the very objective of our famous minister laying this as a rule!. Do not smoke off your lives. Please Quit Smoking!!!...

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