Saturday, October 4, 2008

True Love is Selfless- Kannum Kannum Review

Love is a beautiful feeling. It is a genuine emotion that sprangs from the inner consciousness of heart and soul. Sometimes, love takes a turn in life depending on what our mind says as well. In such instances, love becomes a silent sacrifice that encompasses for the benefit of everyone around. Not everyone in love gets a chance to live together. That doesn't mean that love fails, or love does not exist. It in fact reflects the original edifice on which the emotion builds its divinity.
Common Guys, don't now look at me with a confusion.... this is the review of the Tamil Movie Kannum Kannum. There is so much in this movie that a family can sit and watch happily after long many years. Lot of people would recall the way they sacrificed their love, for the benefit of the families, for the fear of losing many other things except love. How can love be sacrificed if it is so strong, genuine and so important to those in love. That is the power, that is the strength, and that is the real success of any love- Attaining selflessness.
This movie is not an extension or the other side of Autograph, but it has its own way of convincing people, how circumstances can make love sacred and silent. This is just one of the thousands of reasons that come on way of the people we love but with whom we cannot really live in life together. Dedicating this beautiful concept of selflessness and this blog to all those people who scarified their love for what ever reasons, and still go ahead with life..., respecting and remembering the cherished love within their memories and thoughts, managing to handle the pain silently and making the Love -Eternal.

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