Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wheel of Time - Spinning which side?

Kalachakram - the wheel of time is being referred as the zing thing controlling everything happening in this universe. I used to watch the TV serial Mahabarath - where in the beginning of every episode - in the voice of Saint Veda Vyas, there used to be a reference made to Kalachakra- The Time. What does it denote? It identifies a pattern or a phenomenon in which everything in this universe happens. Right from a day after night, rotation of the earth on its own axis and also going around the sun, water evaporating as clouds, and clouds coming back as rain, and the human existence continuing with newer generations as the old disappears. This being the very phenomenon of our existence, we do not really give more importance to these natural cycles - the game of time played in our lives without even we making a notice of the same.
Having heard lot of elders telling that their time is bad, time is good,as child, used to wonder, how can time be responsible for a man's destiny. Over the years, a dawn of realization happens that the wheel of time, definitely have its importance. Man does not come with any materialistic things and do not leave this world with any either. It all starts and ends in a vacuum. A reality. Then what is the quest in between. The quest and its subsequent actions are what man leaves behind to everyone around him, to his future, to his time in the future in fact, where he is no more a part of it.
Life itself is a vicious circle. In this wheel of time, everything around is only part of the larger truth. The truth that nothing is permanent in this world. The only variation is the duration of existence for each thing. Man may live on an average of 70 years, animals for 20 years, trees may live for 100 years, buildings may survive for 200 years, monuments may stand for 2000 years, and after that what happens...Change. A change that is the core aspect that defines the wheel of time.
What makes me write this?!
Do not get succumbed to the troubles of time. Nothing is permanent.
Be courageous to face the world, what ever may be the adversity. It will have its time to vanish
Believe in yourself, that the time is ahead of you for better things.
Leave the worries behind the trouble tree and walk ahead with life.
What provoked me to think on this:
NRI Karthik Rajaram's cowardly act of killing his family and himself. A person who enjoyed quick fortune was not prepared to handle a quick disaster. People's acceptance to reality is what is the need of the hour.

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