Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Making the best out of the Worst- A Classic Example

Having had excellent share traders in my friends, I always used to wonder what is that this biggies are trying to calculate, keep on scribbling something on their touch pads, always calling out some numbers on the phone, be in while driving, talking, or eating? Its a search for alternatives.
It was the beginning of the Millennium era, Year 2000 and around, that proved the nostalgic beliefs can be changed. Perceptions can change. Sentiments can change. Facts can change. Change for good.
Aadi Month- a tamil calendar month which begins in mid July and end in mid August is believed to be one of those months in the year where no auspicious things used to be done. No marriages, no house warming ceremonies, no buying new clothes or jewels, no investments and people used to spend time in early morning prayers and keep a very low profile over all. Suddenly, a new building emerged in the heart of Chennai called Pothys- a textile showroom calling itself Aalayam of textiles, meaning a temple. And I think this logic worked, for it was called a temple. They came up with a revolutionary concept of Aadi discounts- clothing made available at throw-away prices. People found a new energy in the otherwise non-exiting month and found shopping having a new reason. Moreover, this month just preceding the Aug-Sep season of more marriages, proved to be the correct time to hit the market. In less than couple of years, Aadi became a month of expectation from the general public for every thing to go on discounts and deals. It did not stop with textiles or home appliances but became a wide-spread concept of selling in the newly emerged markets. A new change succeeded.
What is the lesson to be learnt? - Making the best even out of the worst of circumstances. As I repeatedly tell in most of my posts, change is the only constant thing. Accept it and go ahead.
This same logic applies to capital markets also. Warren Buffet is busy investing now. So what are you waiting for. All you need is the guts to take the risk. Do little bit of homework on how to plan, proceed and succeed. Keep your ears and eyes wide open. Take the least best opportunity to find a new beginning. Do not rest, do not end your quest. Recession is bad but not the end of the world. It has to change. It has no choice.

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