Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How about having "Bench" in life? -A question raised by my friend

"Bench" - No more a funny word- but the word that is threatening software professionals across the industry. For people who are not in projects for long time, and who are recruited expecting pipeline projects to materialize are said to be on Bench. First time, I heard about it, I asked, "Bench- What bench? ". Now I think I don't ask anyone this questions anymore, not sure whose on bench and whats the fate?!?!. Never know, you may end up on the Bench!!!.Be Aware!

But the same word made me have a hearty laugh after long time, when my friend Harish Mahadevan mentioned about having a bench in life?.. I believe he was asking one of our common friend, why are we not having a Bench in life, just like how we have in projects and IT companies. What a great thought!... It may sound absurd, silly, funny and all sorts of reasons that we can just laugh off and ignore and go on. I too did that when I first heard about his question this morning.

But few hours later, I thought. What made him even think about having a bench in life. Gosh, he is hinting at a much larger necessity of life- SPACE. People who are burdened at being tangled in the life's routine, busy but monotonous way of living, not having time or thought for things that are dear to our hearts do end up feeling life overwhelming. There is no space for yourself. You are searching for nothing but YOURSELF. Your every day passes by doing the things your family wants, what your work demands, what your routine takes. You are driven by everything around you and don't have that personal space for yourself. To understand or even think of what you, Just You, want in life.

Spacing is important between relationships as well. We bond and gel with the family, enjoy friendships, worship our work, and spend all our lives doing what we are supposed to do. After many years, when you turn back and look at your past, what you will find is only a life that was driven by everyone else and not you. So once in a while, a space is important. The space that is your own. The space that lets you do things that only you want. The space that is important for you to revive, re-energize and re-emerge more with new found energy to go on back again with the routine.

May be Harish, its time for a holiday of your own. Take a long drive. Take a break. You would be on bench of your own in life. A bench that would make more sense and brings in a freshness and new arm of energy to proceed with life. Go ahead Friend, its time to re-discover yourself!!!

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