Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gaining Industrial Leadership - Magic Mantra of New India

In a small village in India, people always used to wonder, why the rich is always getting richer? For one thing, the rich had was the power of acquiring, the power to take risk, the power to look out of the box. This is exactly the state of Indian Economy and Industrial revolution happening making the dream of 2020 very near!. You may wonder, what the hell I am talking, when people are losing jobs, economy is uncertain, inflation is at 12% and credit has become a major enemy. Hold on!. Look Beyond!. Its the country's new found confidence and opportunity. The courage what made Lakshmi Mittal stand where he is today. Mr.Mittal is famous of acquiring sick industries, using the machinery, manpower and lessons learnt, revive it, re-structure it and go ahead. Today, the steel baron had made India Proud. Lot more to follow in this spree.
Indian majors like Satyam, TCS, Infosys and HCL are already in the market having millions of acquisitions in pipeline and lot many medium sized businesses also are following this process. Tata steel acquiring English - dutch Corus for whooping $12 billion. VSNL, GHCL, Reliance, and lot many Indian companies acquiring US firms have become the trend of the day.
What makes Indian companies confident to go ahead?
Reliable low cost, consistent performance, high quality of products and service and deliverable on time. These are the vital ingredients of the Indian Industry that made us having large cash flows, planning and risk taking a near possibility. Indian business is ready to handle any kind of business culture, regulations, practices and adhere to global standards and expectations. Indian Industry is no more a shy and conservative economy which had been exploited by various invasions in the past in the name of trade and commerce. Now it is the time for a new dawn in the Indian economy for a global sunrise. Be it information technology, heath care, pharmaceutical, financial services, insurance, telecommunications, FMCG, manufacturing, automobile, hotel and hospitality industry, astronomy, services sector including training, teaching and talent-acquisition, strategic planning- name it, you will find an India spreading its wings world across. Its time for the world to look upon India for every thing the best that they need- for one thing we can be very proud of - our human intellect. Nothing can be in par to it, coupled with commitment and fire to achieve our place in the global market place- towards the top- nothing less is compromised!

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