Sunday, March 29, 2009

Avoid Cell Phones While Driving

As the tragedy stuck deep on my extended family, and we stood in solid grief over the death of my cousin Devi's husband Nagaraj's death on Thursday, 26 March 09, leaving behind his mother, 31 year old widow and 9 and 5 year old sons and two sisters, hundreds of relatives and friends, and near to 100 employees working for him reminded me of some facts. Nagaraj had been an affluent business man with a big construction company and a petrol bunk in the prime area of Chennai. But 35 is no age to die in a tragic car crash with a lorry on the ECR road with a self driving on a new moon night. Little bit of caution could have saved him and his family from a life-time grieving. Hearts broke as the children kept playing as the funeral began.
Few Definite Do's and Don't for all of us to avoid such tiring situations:
Sure NO-NO's :
Do not plan travel outstations during nights
On urgent travels during nights, do not travel alone
Never drive when you are drunk

Few Do's
Occasional long distance travellers better take an experienced driver
Keep emergency contact details in your wallet
Insure adequately to keep families finances safe in case of unforeseen tragedies
Inform your spouse on your investments, commitments time to time

Accidents are inevitable, but tragedies can be avoided provided we take some cautions. Simple mistakes some times cost us a lifetime. Better avoid making them.

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