Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Neeya Naana - Freedom of Speech

Proud I am as a Citizen of India, for I have my fundamental right - Freedom of Speech.
The right that gives me freedom to voice out my opinion without hurting others, the freedom to express my ideas and thoughts without provoking onto others, and the freedom to cherish what I think as my ultimate birth right.
After long many years, I had a forum where both my oratorical skills, emotional tangles and inner views got a wider audience. Participating in a Talk Show where people shared genuine thoughts, emotionally inter wined arguments and classical examples of our day to day lives, I could not ask for more. Anchor Gopinath is an excellent anchor, best coordinator and well planned and well equipped person with knowledge on the subjects he deals with and with a sense of humour and empathy to handle difficult situations standing as a bridge between two completly different groups debating on a concern or an issue.
Yesterday the topic we went for shoorting, both myself and my husband was "Is Indian Woman a glorified servants?" But ironically, Gopinath had never brought this subject between the couples who came in for debate. Instead, he very smartly took the angel of common issues, confronting between men and women inside the spectrum of marriage. Married for years, bonded with understanding, emotions, care and unending love and affections, and at the same time, with totally unspoken hidden woes, unknown struggles of inner thoughts got a platform to share, with a wit and a sense of humour trying to bridge the so called hidden gaps in a very very vital relationship in the society- Husbands and wives.
Not all of us get an opportunity to openly pour out and voice out what we struggle to explain in normal circumstances, but with a group of like minded people sitting on your side, and also the lights and cameras catching your every word and emotion, and having the person need to know sitting opposite to you, and very talented anchor beautifully weaving the thread to speak and express, Neeya Naana becomes the best platform to raise beyond those boundaries. It is not just another entertainment talk show, but it is an edifice on which people understand things looking from a different angle, and perceptions happened to change. Though at the spur of the moment you may feel like having argued with the other person unnecessarily, or even guilty for what you said, later you would realise that actually you spoke your heart.
India needs such platforms to bring in an awareness on lot many issues that entangle our social and private lives. This show undoubtedly raises to the very objective of its existence. No wonder this show has the highest popularity ratings in the Tamil Television Industry. Hats off to the Director Antony, and the unremitting willingness to work by the entire crew of Neeya Naana who made the live of participants more comfortable and the show a grand success. Gopinath rocks as usual.... and Neeya Naana definetly needs that best Pat!!!

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