Monday, March 2, 2009

Glad Elections are coming this April

I am excited from the time, I have seen the Chief Election Commissioner announced the dates for the upcoming General Elections - Decision 2009 as I would like to call it, after seeing all the hype, happiness and end results of US Presidential Elections on Nov 4, 2008.

But, I have a different reason to be happy and a different reason to be sad!!!

Like all good people do, let me list out my sad things first:
  • 600 million people enlisted to vote, but hardly 50% of them actually vote
  • Crores of Rupees drained in the name of Elections- some places still having paper ballot
  • Wide diversity on thoughts and approach highlighted in every speech and constituency
  • One more election> One more set of Leaders> One more list of manifestoes> But nothing changes even after 6 decades of Independence..... corruption, exploitation, population, pollution, poverty continues endlessly........

Now the best part:

  • Roads are now getting cleaned, relaid as needed and medians are in place
  • Thankfully my street lights, even lights in the darkest bridges are illuminated and the cities are glowing
  • Thankfully, all the provisions supplied on Ration cards are of good quality this month
  • Thankfully, all exams are getting over earlier before the sound pollution begins
  • Ironically, every other politicians strengths and weaknesses are exposed by themselves and opponents respectively
  • In a recession hit market, there is a sudden cash flow. In fact overflow
  • Law and Order is in place, and everyone is alert. Alert beyond expectations.
  • Lot of daily wagers are finding jobs to keep themselves busy, including press, printing and paper industry, cab operators, drivers, electricians, painters, banner makers, tea shops, weavers, carpenters, florists, hotels and the entire small scale industry is accelerated, thanks to our political rallies and election campaigns.
  • Election in India is in one way a blessing to the common man for he is remembered ardently once in 5 years at this time, his issues are tried to be addressed, concerned are heard and solutions are seemed to be provided.

My own expectation from this election is we get a healthy cabinet who can stand high and take the country tall in the world map. We need smart leaders who can stand in par with developed Nations, shake hands with same thoughts, opinions, visions and a global enrichment for India. Wishing the country a very healthy, talented, qualified, unbiased and uninfluenced Prime Minister leading the Parliament in the forth coming general elections. India Awake to the New Dawn Soon!!!

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