Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Elections Fails! Forgotten Realities of India

No matter who wins this election and who rules the Nation. Somethings are frustratingly real and do not change even after 6 decades of independence. There are no fundamental things made possible in the Nation by any politician who is away and afar from the so called political manifestos that can never understand the need of a common man in India. India is diversified nation with largest democratic setup, millions and millions of people divided by language, region, caste and education, society, status, employment and there is no common thread on which the entire nation can be brought under one parlance. I am ashamed and troubled to see hundreds of different color flags and party symbols all around and fail to locate even one National Flag flying high along with the party flags or the Ashoka Chakra or the National Emblem getting its predominance. As an angry young Indian, I am frustrated on the system that cannot bring in a sense of patriotism and a wave of Indian-ness in my country.
Some Disturbing Facts:
POVERTY LINE definition, as per Government of India, at Rs. 10 per day, per person, approx- all you need is Rs 300 per month to maintain yourself. But even this is not available for about 300 million (30 Cr.)
320 million people work in the Unorganised sector- where are their taxes going?? Swiss accounts can be seized and black money in foreign banks can be brought in, but how to tap in the in house hidden money that is rightfully needed for the Nation Building.
Around 700 million people are below 35 years of age and at the same time, nearly another 300 million people do not have any kind of employment. There is a need to create near to 10 millions new jobs every year in India. Is the government hearing???
Remind you, there is no social security network that provides compensation against unemployment in India
Number of people, in India, who work in the organized Public Sector, i.e. with the Central and State Governments are only 19 million and another 8 million work in the organised private sector. So imagine the tax payers income?
Corruption Kings are no where as vast as in India. From the birth certificate to the issuing of a death certificate, everything goes with the UTT?? (Under the Table) transactions. It is not easy getting a gas connection, ration card, election card, electricity connection, a phone line and above all a SCHOOL ADMISSION. Corruption in the form of Building Fund, Donation threaten the best of education systems in India. Colleges are far above all this, with each medical or engineering seat having its own price tag.
To get a building plan approved, get a three phase EB connection, to get a driving license, to get a community certificate, to get the marriage registered, to get a water connection and finally to even get a sewage connection, you have to take care of the corresponding government servant,,,sorry sorry government lords of the Nation.
For your pension to get approved after 30-40 years of work, you still have to bribe your people. To get the government posting, or even a transfer or deputation, you have to pay that extra tip. For even getting a contract daily wage posting of a bus driver for Rs 240 a day, you have to pay nearly Rs 2 lakhs as UTT....
Traffic police uncles are known for collecting those little tit bits and second is our RTO brothers, competing in who gets more on the so called Kimblam ( Add on to Sambalam (Salary))...
Gosh, I forgot the medical fraternity. Two types of loooooti- one in the name of C-section deliveries and other in the name of Fertility Clinics. Heights of tolerance.
Hospitals are no more live savers, from a medical emergency they push you to a financial turmoil.
Sarath (IIM-A) contesting this General Elections from Chennai South, said on Mom's day proudly - " I know what hunger is all about" . Millions of my breather en in India knows it including me. But our so called obese politicians may not know it. There are two bigger segments- one is people who do not have enough food and people who do not know how to have enough food ( getting obese with too much of junk food and wrong eating habits spending so much on VLCC etc)... Hmmmm.
Illiteracy- Though measures are taken to bring in 100% literacy, we still have our charts showing only 70% of literacy rate in India. States like Bihar, Jharkand are lagging behind where as Kerala, Tamil Nadu and few north states are getting closer to the literacy objectives. Still a long way to go!
Rural Underdevelopment, Communal ism, Pollution, Crime, Population explosion, Water scarcity, brain drain are other threatening factors for our nation to become the world's best Super Power.
Making our Nation the Super Power
We have abundant natural resources, fertile lands, rivers that need proper integration, abundant human intelligence, hardworking professionals, committed manual labour, empowering women, entertaining media and press, educating organizations, self less NGOs, leaders with a vision, men who dream big, children who aspire skies and a Nation which has got rich heritage, centuries of civilization, history that shows abundant tolerance and acceptance, commerce and trade that is universal, wisdom and enlightenment that is world's spiritual destination and India as such is a Prideful Nation with high level of confidence to defend its borders, army that is selfless and strong, and young energy that is making difference world over. All we need is a fine leadership at National Level that will take India towards a much strong and supreme level hood amongst the world nations. Dr Manmohan Singh as an abled economist and Prime Minister had given India, its much needed financial edge since the times of P.V Narsimha Rao regime and irrespective of dynasty politics or controlled leadership, Dr Singh proved to be an efficient leader. We need such intellectual brilliance, economic understanding and young and capable leadership to continue, and people like Dr Singh can guide them being the Nation's backbone to the leaders who are energetic, young and visionaries.


Aarti said...

Hi Uma,
Its interesting to see your blog. I have jus fallen in love with it and it is really motivating me. Your comments on Elecions fails and forgotten realities of india is absolutely true and i endorse each one of your comment. The worst part behind this corruption is, even women are behind it and i have so many examples to quote, one of the recent eg is the one happened in passport office..

Its really frustrating to see women getting bribes..its shame on our country. My blood is boiling seeing the fate of india..who cares which party wins, end of the day its the politicians who enjoy the money, power, comfort and what nots.. Amongst everybody the worst affected are the middle class and the salaried class. The rich arent bothered as long as they are rich and the poor people are bought by the politicians during elections and are forgotten for the next five years.. but still poor poor people they are so loyal towards their leaders.
Anyway its nice to share my thoughts with you..

Umasree said...

Hi Aarti,
Glad you are enjoying reading my blog. How truthful, for we have to struggle so much being in the working class and still there is no solace for us when we want the things to go the way we want it. Hope the newly discovered young energy in the UPA government does something about it. Keep reading