Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Hindu Chennai Super Mom 2009

Hats off to the beautiful mothers who participated on 10 May 09 in the Chennai Super Mom contest. It was a exhibit of natural abilities, talents, confidence, intelligence and lot more. Congrats to the three beautiful winners and a big pat to Srimathi for walking away with the most deserving title for her all round personality.
The Prelims had a very beautiful physco-analysis questionnaire for 30 questions assessing your ability to handle various life situations, second was a photo shoot and third for the panel of judges assessing your personality. Beauty, Richness or education did not matter here. Personality, Intelligence and over all confidence is judged.
Semi-finals was just a wash-away kind with one question response bringing down the final number to 15 and then assessment made on multi tasking, creativity and quiz.
Quiz round was horrible with the first runner up not knowing First President of India...she went on buzzing without giving any correct answers and at the same time not letting others get a chance. Her selection was not genuine.
In the Talent round, Srimathi was really excellent, the way she enacted the transformation of a woman at various stages was marvellous. Victoria who was the second runner up and as a teacher showing her oratorical skills, she deserved the best.
The whole day saw whole families enjoying cookery contests, talent shows, junk art contests and lot of goodies and entertaining performance from Srilekha. Srilekha thanked Times of India in an event hosted by The Hindu... embarrassing the organisers for a moment.
Our anchor DD was lively and beautiful, but the same time, madam needs toning up on science exhibit in public when she said E=MC TWO instead of calling out square:-) slip of the tongue:-(
The final judges Akila Srinivasan, Uma Riyaz Khan and Neena Reddy were gracious and cool.
Having a chance to hear Sarath Babu and meet his mom was an addon value of the show.
As one of the semi-finalists I thoroughly enjoyed contesting despite the fact that I was equally disappointed for not having made it to the final five. In the process it taught me two things, that there are much better talents and of course you need something called luck, as your stars need to shine on you, and secondly, a strength that should be there to handle failure. 72 of the 75 semi-finalists had to face this situation and imagine the disappointment for the final 2 who lost amidst the final five. To me it was really an enriching experience that taught me lot to look forward


Aarti said...

HI Uma,

It was nice to read your update. Even i was one of 75 and i even won a title for energetic and lively mom. As you said it was really nice to have participated and for me at least being a new mom it was pack of surprise. I felt they should have honoured the last two who didn't make,they didnt even have the courtesy to take a snap of them. I really felt bad on that note.

Umasree said...

Hi Aarthi,
Thanks for your comment. Congrats dear energetic mom.. Yeah, I felt really bad for Rose and Amritha, when they just collected the consoldation vouchers with rest of the ladies.. thank god we were not in the final five and stared blank once it got over..
Keep in touch and have a nice time