Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Music School in Nanganallur Chennai

Music is a ocean of joy and finding the eternity is like searching pearls in this ocean. Music bring in happiness, creates a manifestation of oneself in divinity, transforms one's situation to a different world, creates a syndrome of peace and tranquility. It bonds across borders, re vibrates emotions and refreshes mind, body and soul. Carnatic Music forms the basic essence on which any kind of music can find its roots to. The immense value of ragas and the rejoice of finding different compositions, songs, talams, kirthanas and singers is itself a bondage. A binding relationship. For those who are in the quest of finding a school for music for your children in the neighbourhoods of Adambakkam or Nanganallur in Chennai, here is my recommendation

Smt. Vasanthi Gopal
Sree Krupa Institute of Music
H.O. A55/2. No.26, 3rd Main Road
Nanganallur, Chennai - 600 061

Branch: New No 6, Old no.5
Income Tax, 4th Street
Chennai- 600 088
Mobile: 9841271539
Phone: 22323269.

As a parent, I liked the way, Vasanthi Mamm teachers her disciples and also the way she handles the needs of each child. Its a sure destination for zestful mothers whose children have interest in music and learning.
You would enjoy being part of this lovely growing Music school in your neighbourhood.
Enjoy Music, learning and Singing to your heart's content!!! In the Divine Saga

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