Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Winning Team

The real essence of any project's success is the composition of a winning team. Getting all the right people at the right time - having a shared vision and aiming at the goal makes the project a success story. Be it a movie making, a cricket match, a parliament house or a software project. Core ingredients that contribute to success are similar. They are the main parameters in line with the engineering achievements. Not a easy task tough. Its like all the wheels of truck make it move forward. Even if one wheel is flat, the travel is sure to stop. Every team is similar to this process. Every one need to contribute in their own roles and responsibilities at par, aiming at the same success, then alone it happens.
Getting this winning team is not easy as I said, but once formed, will make the success stories repeat as they proceed together with project after project. First time, the effort is enormous, but emulating the same every time, makes it a easy walk. They are called "combinations" . Right combinations rather. They form a team of achievers. Here each individual achieves the objective set for them in a combined effort. The team as a whole succeeds at large.
Creative Solutions:
The creativity forms the core reason of handling a past thing or a usual thing in a different way. Creative solutions bring in a freshness, a new ness that's unexpected but at the same time which makes it more meaningful giving it a advantage in terms of cost, effort and planning. The real execution of a project becomes easy if there is a creative way of handling a same routine in a different but optimized solution which demands less efforts but gives a better Return on Investment.
Here the courage is to take risks, go that extra miles, handle little more stress, managing difficult things with ease. Everyone has the capacity hidden in them to build a success story, but not many discovers the same, and have the courage to take that extra risk or a quick decision for they have the fear of failure. A real team and a winner is the one who is not bothered about the end result, but meticulously plans every task, organized way of handling things, and plans every day task. Ensuring that plans are executed and do not remain just as plans. That makes the different. Learning to say no, manage and convey exact decisions, delegate right work and share responsibility, accept mistakes and make corrective actions is the courage of real winning team.
Commitment & Self Discipline:

Do not do something because someone is watching... Do something that is guided right by your consciousness. Integrity is something that a leader should pass on to the team. In today's competitive world, and exposure to the global war fare, Self-Discipline is tough, but in the long run, is the only factor that saves our respect and growth. Consistent performance and commitment to our set objectives is winning mantra. Once you win something, it is always expected that your work should win. You are setting up your won bench marking that you are disciplined to achieve. Doing these expectation is just a normalcy, but exceeding them is the mantra of a winning team. Its like a Manmohan Singh government or a ManiRatnam movie, is it not?
Continuous Learning
No one is this world is an exception to this learning. If we decide to live with the learning we have today, we would lag behind tomorrow. Its like a knowledge abandoned for ever. Learning is a continuous journey and not a destination. Knowledge is a continuous affair and we need to be in love with it. If we stay away in our comfort zone with the knowledge we have tomorrow, we would become nothing but history. New technology improved Cinema, New young members improved Parliament, New economies opened up global markets, New thinking enabled environmentalists to fight against global warming, all this "new-ness" is part of the learning process. Keep learning, after all, we need to sharpen our axes always!
Do not hold anyone responsible for your mistakes. Don't give excuses or reasons but introspect where and why you failed. Taking responsibility for our own actions is like taking success in our stride. Failure happen but they will not repeat if you know to handle things with responsibility. You will also help others to handle their own tasks and expectations with caution. Leader sets an example here also, for people follow the leader in most of the cases. Winning team do not have a confusion on the who their leader is, but they respect the leader and follow. So the leader's responsibility becomes much more crucial. Accountability is a very unique management concept, and learning to look beyond imperfections and learning to make it a more accepted way towards aiming perfection is what is part of a winning team.
So, what you want to be part of ? A Winning Team that makes success a continuous affair? Then, you are in the right page. Just follow five things- Be creative, Have courage, Contribute with Commitment, Continue learning and be responsible. Success is not far!

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