Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lost and Found- Part 1

"Out there in the trailer park, there's a million souls in the lost and found".These words from the Refreshment's "Interstate", there ought to be something in life lost to to be realised how important it was to us and finding it is like a paradise found

This painting of Adam & Eve dated 1528 A.D, is taken in Detroit Institute of Arts in June 2008.

Every time, I look at this picture in my album, it sends me vibes of different kinds. Provokes me towards the realisation of mankind and its evolution, existence and may be sooner or later extinction. But in the entire process, gives one an immense happiness for the life we have and the happiness of being a human being, able to enjoy life, experience various thing, emotionally express what we feel and explicitly avoid things that we don't want to think of. This picture also triggers a writer in me to write a little beautiful love story that is in my mind for a while now:

Lost & Found
Sara looked out of the window. The sun has set for the day. The birds started to leave the nest and there is a warmth in the fresh flowers wavering the garden. Lush green grass brought the day's charm to her eyes. She closed her eyes. All that was in visual memory suddenly seem to be changing. Darkness, silence and rain. The tears that got disappeared into the cyclonic Storm of leaves. Departure. A painful emotion. Silence that is haunting her for sometime, amidst many people in life cheering it up everyday. Sara could hear the rain drops flowing all her face and there is a slight wave of chillness going down her spine. Not able to bear this visual imagery, she opened her eyes looking back at the sunlight, green grass and flying birds. She took a deep breath and realised the tears that were flowing down her cheeks.

It was just few hours ago, that Sara was in midst of emotional ecstasy, cherishing every moment of the pampering of her man, and the immense love that he shared with her. Finest moments of a couple who love each other, adore passionately and celebrate the bonding of oneness, like any other happily married couple. Adoration beyond imagination makes the man his woman's son at times, giving her a new strength to win over the male chauvinism and giving her ego a boost on her feminist ideology. There the competition between the male ego and female sublimes comes to an end and what wins is the happiness of a relationship.
Sara was a young girl whose aspiration run royally into the skies her thoughts could take. Charming and friendly Sara was every one's favourite in college and she dreamt of making it big in her career - acting in movies. Her usual beaming smile and charming cheeks made her look like a girl next door with an unusual attraction and mesmerising eyes. She was in every man's imagination in her neighbourhood. She enjoyed the attention and the kind of attraction she commanded on people around her and cherished her smiles to make them always happy.
Keshav popularly called as Kesh was travelling back from abroad after his year long work assignment in Australia. Kesh is a software engineer who have the required education and attitude to make it big in his field. It was in the Melbourne airport that Sara met Kesh as she was coming back after shooting for an ad film. No wonder Kesh was attracted to her in the first meeting. Surprising getting neighbouring seats in the flight gave them abundant time to start a conversation, which eventually gave a beginning to a new relationship. What destiny have in fold for them was not a usual love story to unwind. They were not just crossing the seas together but were getting ready for facing the storms. Not a typical love affair that began where there are opponents to accept this relationship, but what began was an era of uncertainty.

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