Monday, June 8, 2009

Happiness and Emotional Equations

Happiness - is the one word that I always struggle to find the real meaning. The things that make me happy sometimes, do not really let me be at peace other times. Why? I do not know. Being happy or wanting to be happy are two unrelated aspects of human life. Life is entangled with relationships that make us happy, sad, sick, joyful, successful, fail, fall, arise and let us experience various emotional equations. Man is a social being and we cannot live alone in this otherwise overcrowded lives of ours in the modern society. The human intelligence is in par with the emotional quotients, for it is the man's emotion and urge to succeed that brings in more and more innovations and achievements world over. It is the quest, in the search of something different, new and intellectually accepted new thing that man craves to find every day. Then, where is the happiness is an inquisitive mind that is in the ardent search for that something.
True to its inner meaning and interpretation, happiness is a wide thing at times, the most simplest thing and it all depends on how our mind perceives it. The pursuit of acceptance and contentment are the real reasons behind the volume of happiness in our lives. For example, man's quest started when he had to find something to eat, to kill his hunger and survive, later the same man searched for something that he can grow and be healthy, the same man over the years looked for change and improvement in the things he ate, later, the diversity ended with multiple cuisines, traditional and contemporary, fast food and junk food, and slowly vitamins and other mineral available in the forms of tablets and medicines... still the quest continues, and there is no end or happiness to this quest. This is just an example.
Happiness by it means can mean different things to different people. For a student getting first rank is happiness, for employee, getting promotion is happiness, for a mother, having a healthy child is happiness, for a priest making right prayers is happiness, for a writer, his book is his happiness, for a teacher, his student is a happiness, for a player, winning is happiness, for some people learning is fun, for some teaching is fun, for some, blogging is fun and so on. Happiness cannot be measured. Can someone measure the blushing of a new bride? Can someone measure the smiles of a little child? Can someone measure the happiness of new mother? Can someone measure the happiness of a peaceful death? Nothing, happiness cannot be quantified.
Emotional equations end with the kind of human relationships we maintain, as long as our equations with the people we interact on our day to day basis, during social occasions, during professional acquaintances and during community activity and during the Nation Building, is harmonious, peaceful, negotiable, interactable, growth oriented and healthy, emotions become the basis of happiness. Nothing can bring in peace except yourself. Its me and how I manage my emotions result in the new and continious happiness. No once can decide if I wanna be happy or not except myself. If I decide to be happy, nothing in this world can stop me from that. If otherwise too..... Hence, emotional equations alone can decide our happiness and nothing else than you! Be Yourself! Be Happy :-)

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