Thursday, June 4, 2009

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Friday , May 15, 2009 at 10 : 21
Umasree Raghunath Chennai
Selections Beyond Elections
The common man and ordinary voter in India is not sure if at all his vote will make the difference in the General Elections, for its the selection beyond elections that matter. I as a individual voter do not know if I have to think about just my candidate in the constituency or the ultimate party that is going to make it to power.Anyway, here is the edge of it and not the end anyway Return of coalition politics is only going to happen. No single party can manage to cross the 272 mark, for we dont have a sympathetic situation like in the past that saw huge majority for Rajiv Gandhi or P.V.Narshimha Rao's regime. Ideal scenario would be Congress and allies able to pull the golden mark of 272. Ironically, Congress will go ahead to old friends for help, but any wrong move will make it regret in the near future. Best scenario is to rope all existing and earlier allies and bringing back the original form of UPA back for the benefit. Bring in more of young leaders to the fore fray and project that its a new blend of old win in new bottle kind, with an old party with young and energetic leaders in the front. That is what aspiring young India wants for its growth and difference.BJP with allies can become once again the toughest opposition, unless otherwise surprising new allies turn towards BJP. But the BJP manifestos will in fact impact on the secular framework of the Nation dividing the society in the name of religion. We don't want a communal politics at this time of global economy under crisis,, for we want economists who can help the Nation survive the financial downtime.Setting aside the fact of dynasty politics- we need to look at the visibility factor and knowledge factor of the young politicians. Obama with just 4 years in public life could make it to the white house and take astounding decisions on world issues. Surely young people like Rahul and his young MP crew can make a difference for they have insight into to India politics, required power and party support, knowledge on burning issues, way to handle crisis and above all energy and confidence to bring in a new way of growth in the country. Its time we accept this and set in road map for new leaders. Its all in the next 24 hours to decide the fate of the largest democracy in the world towards its nearest future. Lets wait and watch
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