Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back to School? If not School Mates!!!!

Last two days, Internet and television in US, is continuously running advertisements asking mothers to get back to school. Ha ha, not a bad idea. But after having completed the school and graduation successfully, I don't think personally I have plans to go back to school, may be to learn a new language, philosophy , psychology, social service, communication or even a diploma in film making, wow, that's a good idea., may I would be interested in. Thanks Obama anyway for your invitation and of course with all happiness to go back home at the end of my assignment, I thought I can take your idea in a different stride. If not getting back to school, why not get back to some of your school mates.
Lovely idea. Thanks to Orkut, Face book, FaniQ, Hi5 and of all to the Internet, the world has become too small. The people I wanted to be in touch for long many years, suddenly re-entered into my friendly kingdom of happiness. The people who shared my childhood, classes, classroom, teachers, playground, library, sports, parliament (yes, the mock parliament where we had Prime Minister, Opposition leader and a good amount of ministers,,, wow, I remember being an opposition leader, for gosh, i lost in the SPL election in 10th)... not bad a memory. Happiest part is the annual day, sports day (March Fast-- Hmm, still remember my teachers, running with a stick cautioning us on Left and Right), and the big grand Christmas party...that always had Sunitha as Mary, and sirisha and my sister Jay as angels... and Lakshmi Suguna as Jesus Christ... hmm, I remember being once, among the Three Wise Men, once being a sheep, once being one of the disciples and only being just in the crowd. I loved my dramatics. The drama of Last Judgement and being in the great play made me remember and tell one line to my husband even till this day " You tooooo Brutus""" and I love it. Flag bearers of every special salute to chief guest used to be Archu and Siri, with their smart looks, may be I watched them so much in life, that Aish looks more like a combo of them....great one.
Scout and Guides- Satyavathi teacher- the first one to pat me on the back and made me shed my introvert nature in life,...cant believe right, that i was a back bench er, talkative but not active, never in the first ranker's, nor remember being a real class leader than in 5th standard for a while with Kranthi, the boy who got first rank. After her initial encouragement, nothing stopped me. The inner strength in me flew like a river that was controlled all the while by a stupid dam. I was the best orator in school both in Telugu and English... forget about Hindi and special hindi batch that we fondly belonged to.... still remember the day, my music teacher throwed me out of the class, may be she was scared I would attract Donkeys!!!! I think that would have been the reason, why I made my child get into singing...prove a point, that if not me, My child would do it,...be a master in music!!!! Just kidding!!! Dancing is something that I never experimented till I hit the floor on Flames in later part of my life.... a hidden talent of course, not in school but.
Science Fairs--one whole week-- One other lovely affair where we end up meeting people from other schools and enjoyed with our experiments and model,,after winning in District level and moving to State level, was a feather in my cap... Science Huh,, I still wonder how come??
Social service camps at Godavari pushkarams, where we spent more than 15 days doing lot of things- controlling crowds, helping old people, safeguarding baggages, counting pilgrims, support at the first aid centre, and yeah, finding one child her lost parents! I did it, and of course we used to cook, clean and play at the end of the day in the camps.... we used to go rock tired, but never used to sleep for we used to enjoy talking, singing and playing with others at midnight.... remembering loosing my white shoes!!! And my picture with sowji announcing medical tips got published in Deccan chronicl on 17th August 1991,,,cant believe, 6 years later getting married on the same day!! Irony!!!!
My tree- You know what, after 10 long years of leaving school, I went back and one thing that did not change is my good old tree under which I ate all my lunches in school. Love you old heart... I could see flowers falling one me and leaves that kissed me as I went and hugged her for long. The tree got a round cement now and still stands in the playground of the school. The school building colors changes but the walls speak volumes of the students who studied there and went across the globe. Strongest foundations of the best education was laid in my Alma Mater.
Prayer is one thing, that I transferred to my family from school...It has a powerful vibration that keeps you active and enthusiastic and towards righteousness. My motive of school is love and service and I can see that very much in every bit of me!!! Church is one other place that I loved to spend my silent hours speaking to god. Born in a Hindu family, brought up and educated in a convent, having Muslim friends giving righteousness, the secularism got integrated in my thoughts and actions all the time. Love you St.Theresa's for what you have given me in life, a new lease of life towards the best in life.
Friends! for lifetime. Teachers! who guided me the best. School Stage: That made me extrovert and confident. School Prayer: That built my faith. Tree: That showed me a way for environment consciousness. Science fairs: Made me creative and innovative. Forest Dept Competitions: Made me a strong Orator. UN Tests: Made me have a global aspirations. Scouts Camps: Rekindled the service spirit. Classroom: Where my childhood is shared. Library: That not only made me a voracious reader, but inspired me to write!.... my sisters: who always been there for me. My Dad and godmother: Parental care with interaction with teachers that made difference. My mother- my fear to gain marks. My headmistress Sister Florence, who believed that I am the best outgoing student in 1oth. and awarded me for it. Rs.50, that will be my best price money ever getting the first Award as "Durgabai Deshbook Student of the Year"- I love remembering this getting from Dr Ajay Kalam, collector of West Godavari District and Collector Madan Mohan Reddy advising me personally that I should read 10 words from the dictionary every day while giving me the best orator award in the Forest Department Annual celebrations... I think that helped me to improve my command over language and communication. Above all! My Alma Mater: All my childhood from 4 years to 15 years spent happily, productively and confidently in the lawns of St.Theresas Girls High school, Eluru. Thank you

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