Friday, July 17, 2009

Duffer's Wandering Thoughts

Sometimes the duffer in me
Smitten my thoughts
Towards an unending sea
Ridden by unsaid dreams
Grottos dug so deep
Frightening your spirits
But thoughts taking leap
Fuelling the raging fires
Sun is shining bright
Weeds and flowers in fight
Spun is growing in its right
Around the world with light
Gone are my thoughts
Wandering afar the shores
Towards the disdaining stars
Bringing in hearts afar
Looking at the green around
Thinking about the calmness
Hugging me all time profound
Love is there in my every thought
Of the people who give it back a lot
The battle of bygones ever
That never let go of who you are
Facts of being shaped through
The love and life it threw
In your way of wisdom fine
Never letting you sad to whine
Just Live the moment of life
Just Live the moment of life!!!


workhard said...

Hi very well said..

Good take at poetry..

I admire people who can write poems..

I couldnt even get a Haiku ...

Work from home

Umasree said...

Hmm,, its all putting the words in the right way and feelings into words without much of thinking!!! Thanks for all your comments