Monday, July 20, 2009

Magic P's of Success

Its no man's secret what makes one person more successful than the other.. Just the Magic of P's that matter alot, that makes the vital difference.... the one thin line between Success or Failure.
Paying Attention
Process Oriented
Pace Yourself
Be Right Professional
Passion for Success
There is no room for personal emotions, prejudice or favoritism for the right people to grow professionally. Hard work, perseverance coupled with a real zeal, a fire to succeed and a passion to achieve doesn't stop achievers amidst adversity, trouble, confrontation, solid issues and tough times. Nothing Stops Achievers!!!!


workhard said...

Hi.. this is really good stuff!!
But a lot of people get side tracked..Ur right, personal emotions can break that pattern of succes..

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Umasree said...

There should always be thick line between Professional life and Personal life to enjoy both and you should also be careful when to be on which side with fullest concentration..Prioritization is the biggest thing

workhard said...

Hi Uma..

You are right..

Prioritizing is very important when it comes to carving out personal and professional needs..