Thursday, July 23, 2009

Awfully Workaholic!!!

Dived deep into a midnight and buried hard in the work, I started feeling pain all over and then realised that I am glued to my laptop for long..... ha ha .... became my routine once again!! though I enjoy, doing it with passion towards aiming perfection, I took 2 minutes break to ponder over a rhyme that kept on lingering in my thoughts......
slogging like a dog
sleeping like a log
standing amidst all fog
yet smiling as I prolong........
I think those were real apt words for me for the last few weeks trying hard to figure out to get myself more clarity on things around me!!! Cool! Is this my diary or a chronology,,, Na, but why do I describe this hear then!! Yeah, gotcha realised my heart for many a moment I wanted to draft the history of the last 2 weeks on those topics that I loved to write about... Just a recap and if time permits would write alot about these passionate topics over the weekend
  1. Walter Cronkite- Father of Journalism passing away- I have grown all my years watching and iconizing Prannoy Roy, who almost was more or less like Walter.
  2. Moon Landing Celebrating 40th anniversary- The Mission and the myths
  3. Dr Kalam's Security Checks by Continental Airlines- Are VIPs above human vulnerabilities or do we really need to regard one of the Finest Presidents of India with due respect and identity?
  4. Mumbai terror attacks and Kasab's confessions.... Time to show actions to stop terrorism and its nonsense
  5. Media just don't let Micheal Jackson to rest in peace...Why ?
  6. Goldman Sachs, Ford, Bank of America, Citi reported Quarterly profits- Is that an indicator for the worst recession getting over?
  7. My most favorite of all- Solar Eclipse - Longest in the Century- coming after 124 years on 22 Jul 09 giving a spectacular experience to people interested in the planet
  8. Last one but not the least, a topic on professional challenges, on how to handle people who manipulate things for their own survival and security? No reference but a general thought, looking beyond imperfections!!! and Focusing on the goals and the ultimate vision.

Missing my time to write but surely would do shortly to help my quest for creative writing end sooner than later for now!!! Weekend is not too far and hope to grab my own time!!!


workhard said...

Hi.. you need to make time for ur self...
Everyone needs a break!!!!

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Umasree said...

True...thanks for your comments.. They just make a writer in me jump in excitement. Keep blogging, and nice to read your blog too