Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kargil War 10th Anniversary & Women in BSF

What can be the proudest moment than this for the Indian Border Security Force.... BSF got its first ever women battalion of more than 1000 women joining in Border Security. Proving that no hurdle is difficult to cross, no challenge is difficult to handle and gender is never a reason not to prove our love for the security of the Nation. This job unlike any other needs three things- Physical Ability, Emotional Balance and above all the Heart to Sacrifice.

The tenth anniversary of India's victory in the Kargil War is a symbol of our Army's best contributions, the memorial at DAS built in memory of those who laid their lives for the Nation in 1999, reminds that all battalions and regiments of India stood together, all states of the Nation united in an endeavour and the sacrifices made by the families of these men who laid their lives is unforgettable. I still remember a widow of Army Major Ajay who spoke out bravely during her husband's funeral, stating that she would not hesitate to send her son who was then just 2 years old, to the Army for the sake of Nation in the future. Hatts of to those Parents and spouses and children who stand bravely in the moments of personal grief but with a unparalleled pride of having done their duty for the Safety and Security of the homeland. God Bless Brave Hearts!

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