Saturday, August 1, 2009

Golf - Buick Open- Tiger Woods

My first ever interaction with the most sophisticated sport of today, was in 2004. GOLF. Yes, you got me right. The name that determines focus, concentration, hard work, physical fitness, emotional stability and above all the fundamental intention of the game unchanged for more than 500 years. One lazy Saturday afternoon sitting in the lawns of Cosmo Golf Annexe in Chennai, watching some serious golfers getting ready for a tournament, I got curious. The game and its agenda is simple - to advance the ball into marked cups, using as few strokes as possible. But the sophistication surrounding the game of golf is not simple.

Today after many years, watching Buick Open Third Round and the swaying energy of Tiger Woods reminded me of a forgotten passion. Its all about loving green lawns, aiming at the destination, focus and concentration on the challenges to win over, and its competing against your own self and performance by improving your scores. Players having no influence on the score of the opponents really prove what best they are as individual players. That's what I like in this game the most. Being yourself.

One other time, I kept watching at the lawns of Gymkhana club in Chennai, a team of golfers excited about their camaraderie, enjoyment, shared challenges and the summer noon. Thanks to my friends who introduced me to the sport, first ever time I took a club in hand for that very first stroke. Watching my friends Caddie carrying his loads of club heads and balls, and other accessories, I felt, the sport is not simple as it seem to be. Later couple of years back, when Chennai Golf emerged with the first ever woman tournament with a prize money of 2 crores, I know that this game is here to stay... its cosy, costly and comfort and its all about GOLF and nothing less.

The latest results of round 3 from the lawns of Buick Open- Tiger Woods is leading. The history so far is that in the 8 of the tournaments at Buick Open, Tiger had been either a winner or a runner up always.... and for those who knows Tiger, it is his kingdom to rule around!. Keep Rocking Woods! Nothing stops you!

This is my first ever post on Golf and seems to be getting into my head again, after all the experiences I had in the past having this passion for Golf. May be 5 years from now, I would have my own club set, caddie and a passionate lawn where I would spend my lazy Saturday's again. This time, playing it myself!!!! Till then, will keep blogging about it if not golfing !!!!

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Umasree said...

Tiger Woods won the Buick Open for the third time yesterday in the lawns of Michigan. 69th Title so far in the PGA tournaments and 3rd win in Buick open after 2002,2006 wins...Great Job Tiger!!! Keep your spirits up always..