Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Joy of Java!!!

As a Coffee Lover, whose addicted to coffee like to books, I was just wondering how many flavours this seed has and how much of energy it gives to the people who love to savour it. Off late, I am trying to figure out the various coffee seeds that are within my reach to experience and I ended up in finding some real strong flavours that I would love to make my coffee with. India is the 7th largest producer of Coffee seeds in the world and is also in the top 10 exporters to the world.
Here is one of the best witting coffee images I have come across..."Do Stupid things faster with more energy!!!" quite a twitter!!! ...

One more art that amazed me with the blend of love for art and you go!

For those who love the aroma of the coffee plants, you just need to be there to enjoy it, in Coorg in India.

Every day begins with a hot cup of coffee, that energizes your mind, keeps your active, and gives you thoughts to pep up your day...So coffee lovers, continue your patronage!!! With the Joy of Java!!! Always!!!

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