Monday, August 3, 2009

You Touched My Life

A real thank you note to all my friends in this friendship week!!!!

From no where came the lights
To brighten my darkened life
Touched my soul in the little way
Showing me shine amidst the foggy bay

Friends who shared my desks
Played with me at the parks
Ran with me in the running race
Kept with me smiling in the pace

Total Strangers came in my life
From the borders un-designed
Just to show that little care
That touched my life to redesign

When I stumbled upon the rotten eggs
Friends came in my life with twigs
Those blossomed with real freshness
And the spirits to regain the happiness

As the winds blew head strong on me
I disdained with fears unknown to see
Submerged in the tears of my own oceans
Always had a friend throwing me a log to swim

When the fears of fire engulfed my silent life
Haunting memories of being a tolerant wife
There came a rain of friendship to bring back life
Shouldering my tears and letting me cry

The more aspiring I became to fight the odds
I know for sure, the journey is designed by Gods!
Every day tumbled upon turbulences unknown
Each time found a friend who never let me frown

Beckoned with the lights of people who lit
The charm of chariness and kindness in wit
I cherish today a dream of unparalleled success
For I know my life is in abundance with Friends

Who never let me sleep!
Who dream with me to run all those miles to leap!

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