Friday, September 18, 2009

Shashi Tharoor and Contraversy

I am taken by surprise on seeing the kind of reactions Dr Shashi Tharoor is getting for the comments he posted on twitter and his phrase of "Cattle Class". He was quick to explain what he meant and not to insult the passengers travelling by the Economy Class, but our political brothers dont seem to understand the same

Dr Shashi Tharoor is not a product of goondagiri or from any religious fascism and came to Indian political scenario. He is a highly respected world class personality who in fact made India proud when he was contesting for the UN Gen Sec elections recently. He stood 2nd place of the 7 contestants which is a great achievement to India for the kind of place we are still struggling to get in the United Nations. Talented, intellectual, writer, politician and a reformer and such incidents should not provoke him to leave Indian Politics for people like him are the need of the hour in Indian Democracy.

People who didn't know twitter or even who never followed his flow of conversations simply take this as a chance to put him down. Hmm, Good politicians are hard to survive in Indian Politics for sure. One clean politician who silently is doing his job and holding the most respectable position in External Affairs Ministry cannot be demotivated in such a way. Dr Shashi moved from P2 to being to the top most position in UN by his hard work, consistent growth, actions and deeds that reached beyond borders and bringing in solid decision making working for UN. His work spoke of a person who made it to Indian Parliament in last general elections. Let us encourage such leaders than frustrate them to quit soon!


ravi said...

I totally agreed with your remarks on Shashi Tharoor's controversy. Its the corrupt politicians who are creating mountain out of a mole. What party's top brass were doing when number of their own politicans committed number of crimes and corruption?? These people have no right to question Shashi Tharoor and drag him to the law.

maruti said...

unfortunately i guess you too suffer from the syndrome which has got nothing to do with reality and when suffer from "NRI worshipping " disease , i just stumbled upon your blog ans thought may be i should put words of eye opening facts about Mr. Shashi Tharoor for you.

let me begin with few questions
1. why was his cadidature to the UN top job Vetoed by USA ?
2. How much educated , this Mr. Shashi Tharoor is?

3. What was the basis of his appointment to the UN office?

4.What was the need of england born person to come to India for edcuation , and if it was case of motherland calling , then what was the need for leaving it for" Higher Education" , and what was the basis of him getting so called scholarship and doctorate degree.

4.Have you ever read his work ??
what kind of sick parodies they are, try reading it on wikipedia if you dont have time to go through them all.

try looking for answers , you will be sick of knowing the facts .

and now let me add something on this "highly distinguished " person
1. Bush Administration classified him as "detrimental" to the INDO-US ties .
2.This guy had never came out clean of any office that he held held, not even in UN .there was a controversy surounding him alloting a room to his mistress right next to his office in UN . works wise i will let you know in a few minutes.
3. This "highly educated " person had been promoting godman's like satya shree sai baba , and his miracles , and was put on Caution list by UNESCO.

now lets come to his work in this office
1.NAM meeting didnt feature India be whatever be the reason and whomsoever might have convened it and no action was taken about it , if you dont know India was the founding member of NAM . not even a tweet by Mr. Shashi TWITTOR.

The list is generally big , but i too am running out of time and patience and i want to put an end with my personal opinion ,

read more into Nehru , mahatma gandhi cotroversy and things like that, albeit it really doesnt
matter but still.

For me he is a self centered , self obsessed person , a fake diplomat , who made a fool of indian poiliticians and public alike , so before making an opinion just have more indepth analysis for such fakies.


Umasree said...

Appreciate your details and also for the indepth scrutiny of a person you have vented your anger on. I am like any other person who go by the way media projects and appreciate when people dig deep into facts. Thanks. Beyong IPL, godmans and sania mirza, there are millions things in India that need to be looked into by each one of us.