Monday, November 23, 2009

Assembly Polls 2009 - People of India..............

Another guest blog of mine got published in IBN live

Here is the extract

Friday , November 13, 2009 at 19 : 30
Umasree Raghunath | Chennai

Assembly Polls 2009- Results and what does it mean?

After having closely watching the assembly poll results, its time for a recap of the results and find its inner meaning.
1. People of India do not want to rule this Nation in the name of Religion or Language. WE are still secular in our thoughts and actions
2. People of India want a change. Its not the Obama effect change, but the change within.... that is most wanted at the time. Towards consistency in growth and development
3. People of India besides everything wants Peace & Security. Protection against terror, swift action in times of need, recovery process and rebuilding post tragedies.
4. People of India's first aspirations are simple needs. Home, water, food, education and retirement plans. Which ever government can cater to these basic needs survive elections
5. People of India's long term objective is a global vision. The vision of intelligence, perservance and power. Today which ever government encourages the global outreach is elected to power.

Simple Ideology and Principle of selection: There are few things like political greed for power, money and supremacy common in all parties. But for those who share a bit of it atleast with the common man is better than the rest.


Sarada said...

I strongly disagree with whatever has been the resultant that you had captured from another blog regarding people wanting change. in all most all the states where polls have gone all they have preferred mostly the same party.

Also when you say national security, I expected to see something different in Mahashatra, but it is the same faces once again which has come to take the ruling chair - after the november attack, the person who was forced to quit has now come back to the centre stage, what does it mean? It is saddening to see that many of us who can make a change dont vote and many who take the change wont and turn the election into a if you can provide freebies you are sue to win. Like what Mahatma said, why are we not becoming the change agent, I dont know

Umasree said...

I understand your anguish and agree to the depth of your opinion. The existing system is so complex that no one really takes the pain to set it right. For politicians, National security and growth trajectory are just another issues, where as for us, ordinary people of the Nation, every day is a struggle. With fear of economy slides, victimization to terror of any form, victims of corruption and burecracy, victims of Natural and man made disasters. No wonder people just look for every day food, work and peace. I am sure millions in India, do not even think of putting the system in the right direction. :-(